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A last resort for saving a beloved tree from being taken down altogether is reducing its crown. Sometimes trees become too heavy on top or grow too close to a building or power lines and must be reduced in size for safety reasons. Crown reduction is a delicate procedure and can seriously damage a tree if not performed by a crown reduction Bessbrook expert with the necessary skills to reduce yet still preserve the tree.

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crown reduction Bessbrook, Newry And Mourne
the purpose of reducing a tree crown

The Purpose of Reducing Tree Crowns

Crown reduction is performed for the purpose of reducing the weight off the top of a tree which may also reduce the tree’s height. A crown reduction Bessbrook specialist makes small, strategic cuts on the ends of tree branches to limit the size of the crown by 20% to 30%. This is a technique often used when a tree has outgrown its allotted space. Rather than cut the tree down, tree specialists may try to save it through crown reduction. The process is more complicated than simply cutting the top off of a tree, and it gives the tree a more natural and attractive appearance while minimizing stress as well. This is a complex job that is not for an amateur but for a Bessbrook crown reduction professional.

Bessbrook Crown Reduction Costs

There are a number of variables that may affect the cost of Bessbrook crown reduction jobs. Different techniques must be used for different types of trees, and some trees cannot be reduced at all as they typically do not survive the process. Crown reduction is a dangerous job every time, but can be made even more precarious when trees are close to above ground power lines. The size of the tree makes a difference in the price as well, because the Bessbrook crown reduction specialist will have to either climb the tree or be sent up in a small crane. The branches must be marked first before the cutting can begin and when they are close to buildings it presents complications that may drive up the cost of the job.

Bessbrook crown reduction costs
reasons for reducing a tree crown

Reasons to Have a Tree Crown Reduced

There are many reasons to call in a Bessbrook crown reduction specialist to evaluate a tree and a free consultation is often available. The crown may need to be reduced to re-balance the shape of the tree or to reduce root activity when roots are beginning to spread out and affect other growth in the yard or garden. Interference with power lines is always a reason to reduce the tree’s crown as is the need to control the size and growth of the tree when it is near a building or other structure. Crown reduction techniques also contribute to the health of a tree by reducing its wind resistance, allowing more light to penetrate the canopy and reducing the water uptake from the ground.

Crown Reduction and Being a Good Neighbour

Living in close proximity to others, particularly in larger cities and suburbs, certainly has its perks. However, sharing an urban space also comes with certain responsibilities. When your trees have overgrown the boundaries of your garden, it is your duty to keep them trimmed, particularly when they are interfering with a neighbour’s property. For example, your neighbour may have a flower garden planted in his or her garden, and your tree’s canopy may create too much shade for those flowers to thrive. You should take care to keep your trees properly crowned to avoid situations like these; in some Newry And Mourne areas, your neighbours may have a legal right to pay for crowning services and bill you for them, so you should be aware of local regulations.

Safe Practices are Vital

Crown reduction Bessbrook specialists are fully insured and employ a strict health and safety process on each job regardless of size. The cheapest price will not always result in the best job. It is important to hire a trained and skilled professional who will put safety first all the time. It is crucial that proper safety precautions are in place to prevent injury to people and damage to property. Tree specialists go through training programs before they are allowed to perform a job. There is strict supervision of new specialists and absolutely no cutting of corners is allowed where safety is concerned. The tree crowning experts can be counted on to perform a superior job every time.

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How Crown Reduction Limits Home Maintenance

Although crown reduction may seem like quite the undertaking, it can actually save you money in the long run. If the crown of your tree has overgrown and covers part of your roof, leaves, falling limbs, and other debris can end up on your roof and in your gutters, which can be catastrophic. Proper crown reduction allows you to remove parts of a tree that may pose a potential hazard in significant weather events, and it will also help minimize the time you spend cleaning your gutters.

dangers of diy crown reduction

The Dangers of DIY Crown Reduction

Reducing the crown of a tree is a dangerous process. It often requires special machinery, such as a truck with a lift bucket (or “cherry picker”), and extensive knowledge. When the crown is near power lines, the danger multiplies. In fact, in some areas, you may be legally required to contact a licensed and insured professional to crown trees that have grown into power lines. It's always best to get quotes from several companies so you can make sure you're getting the best possible prices.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact us

Many Newry And Mourne homeowners make the mistake of ignoring tree-related problems until they reach the point where a particular plant cannot be saved. However, this need not be the case if you contact a professional as soon as you notice that something is wrong. Regardless of what seems to be wrong with a particular tree in your garden, it is recommended that you contact one of our recommended Bessbrook tree surgeons as soon as possible.

Your Bessbrook Crown Reduction Questions Answered

Crown reduction basically involves trimming the "crown" of a tree to a more pleasing shape or to keep growth confined.

Crown reduction is most often performed in order to keep a tree within its space limitations.

Depending on the size of the tree, crown reduction can be done in as little as an afternoon. It should never be performed on healthy trees, though. Crown reduction should only be done on trees where the crown is already dying.

Crown reduction should be done by a trained tree surgeon or other arboreal specialist. It removes the dead wood from the top of the trees and encourages new branch growth.

Crown reduction is needed to help stabilize the tree and give it a more pleasant shape. It might also be necessary whenever a tree is growing into power lines or other overhead structures.

Absolutely. If strong winds snap the very top of a tree, not only can crown reduction save that tree, but it is the safest option for your life and property, too. Once a tree (or even a large limb) breaks, it's structure is compromised and it can fall at any time – especially once it dies and dries out.

Different localities have different regulations regarding the way to handle this situation. In some places, you are entitled to compensation for damage to your property caused by a neighbor’s tree, though you’ll need to go through the court system. It’s important to brush up on regulations in your area to ensure you handle things according to the law.

This depends on the scope of the reduction and the reasons why it’s necessary. In some cases, a significant reduction can drastically change the tree’s appearance. Exceptional tree surgeons will keep aesthetics in mind while working, but remember that sometimes needs will outweigh aesthetics.

In many cases, you could be seriously injured if you attempt to perform any form of DIY reduction yourself. All of the companies on our network are highly experienced and knowledgeable, meaning that you will be in excellent hands when hiring their services.

Absolutely. All of the free quotes come with expert advice to let you know how often this needs to be done.

The cost of hiring a professional will depend on what needs to be done, as well as the sizes, types and amount of trees that will be involved.

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Example Requests For the Reducing of Tree Crowns

17 Jun Crown Reduction

We have been advised to carry out crown reduction on a number of our trees to preserve them, so would like to compare free quotes for the work please.

17 Jun Storm Damage

Some of the branches fell from the trees in my backyard during the last storm, and others appear precarious. This has brought to my attention that most of my trees may need the crown reducing to take off some of the weight. As well as I can tell, at least 6 large trees need attention. Please provide your best quote.

17 Jun Sycamore Health

I have a very large, old and beautiful sycamore tree in my front garden, and I am interested in crown reduction services to help keep the tree healthy. Please offer your best quote.

16 Jun Additional Sunlight

We need a crown reduced to allow more sunlight into our garden. How much will that cost? I need your best quote possible for this project.